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Didim is a provincial town of the county of Aydin, Turkey. It is a peninsula that extends into the Aegean sea and it is surrounded by Soke in the North,Mandalya Bay in the South, the Aegean sea in the west, and the lake of Bafa and the county of Milas in the east. Didim Turkey is one of the most important and favourite tourism centres in the area with its coastal ribbon that stretches as far as 80 km. You should fly to Bodrum Milas Airport which is the nearest one.

Didim Weather

The climate of Didim generally carries the typical Mediterranean characteristics.

Didyma (Didim Turkey) was an ancient Ionian sanctuary, the modern Didim Turkey. The sanctuary containing a temple and oracle of Apollo, the Didymaion. In Greek didyma means “twin”, but the Greeks who sought a “twin” at Didyma (Didim) ignored the Carian origin of the name,. Next to Delphi, Didyma (Didim)was the most renowned oracle of the Hellenic world, first mentioned among the Greeks in the Homeric Hymn to Apollo, but preceding literacy and even the colonization of Ionia. Mythic genealogies of the origins of the Branchidae line of priests, designed to capture the origins of Didyma as a Hellenic tradition, date to the Hellenistic period.Didyma (Didim) was the largest and most significant sanctuary on the territory of the great classical city Miletus. To approach it, visitors would follow the Sacred Way to Didyma (Didim), about 17km long.

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Along the way, were ritual waystations, and statues of members of the Branchidae family, male and female, as well as animal figures. Some of these statues, dating back to the 6th century BC are now in the British Museum, taken by Charles Newton in the 19th century. Greek and Roman authors laboured to refer the name Didyma to “twin” temples — not a feature of the site — or to temples of the twins, Apollo and Artemis, whose own cult center at Didyma (Didim) was only recently established, or whether, as Wilamowitz suggested[5] there is a connection to Cybele Dindymene, “Cybele of Mount Dindymon”, is mooted. Recent excavations by the German team of archaeologists have uncovered a major sanctuary dedicated to Artemis, with the key ritual focus being water.

The sixth-century Didymaion, dedicated to Apollo, enclosed its smaller predecessor, which archaeologists have identified. Its treasury was enriched by gifts from Croesus. Until its destruction by the Persians in 494 BC, Didyma’s sanctuary was administered by the family of the Branchidae, who claimed descent from Branchos, a youth beloved of Apollo

Didim Turkey, Altinkum

Didim Altinkum is a small popular resort situated on the Aegean coast of the center of Didim. The name of Altinkum translates to golden sand and this resort of Altinkum certainly lives up to its name with three long smooth golden beaches, the sea of Altinkum is shallow for quite a long way out which is ideal for families with children who like to have a cooling time in the sea whilst their parents soak up the sun in the center of Didim.

didim turkey, altinkum

Didim Turkey Altinkum caters for simply everyone as during the day its a quiet relaxing resort and by night is livened up by the numerous bars scattered around the resort. In Didim Altinkum, for tourists looking for a quiet holiday there are family aimed bars with fun atmospheres and light music, for tourists looking for a lively night out there are bars with a more fast pace aswell as nightclubs including an open air nightclub with very lively music and shows.

As for restaurants of Didim Altinkum not to worry for the fussy eaters as every restaurant offers a full english menu with light snacks or roast dinners. For the more adventurous tourists all restaurants of Didim Altinkum offer traditional Turkish cuisine which you musnt pass up as it is very tasty indeed. In the centre of Altinkum you wil find a shopping centre with cash machines available just outside which you will find is a great convenience to all. The turkish people working around the resort are very hospitable and eager to please and most speak fluent english so you can definatly have things exactly the way you want in Didim Altinkum.

Didim Altinkum has a delightful marina full to the brim of boats waiting to take you away for the day on a trip around the beautiful bays and various islands and beaches surrounding Altinkum. The boat will stop at various intervals allowing you to get off and dive into the clear waters or to just relax and soak up the sun on the deck where waiters will gladly bring you refreshments.

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[eafl id=1613 name=”Hotels in Didim” text=”Hotels in Didim”] | [eafl id=1615 name=”Cheap flights to Bodrum Milas for Didim” text=”Cheap flights to Bodrum Milas for Didim”]


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