Istanbul Airport & Sabiha Gokcen Airport transfers in Istanbul

First keep in mind that you will fly to Istanbul airport (IST) not to Ataturk Airport (ISL). Do not be confused. The old international Ataturk Airport (ISL) is now serving cargo and general aviation flights. You will fly to (IST).

Taking a taxi (taksi) in Istanbul is generally a economical, very simple and calm way of transportation. They can offer you Istanbul Airport Transfers simultaneously with Sabiha Gokcen Airport Transfer and Istanbul Airport Transfer. Listed underneath are the most well liked Istanbul cab scams, and the way that you can avert them from occurrence to you.

Another option rahter than taking a cab from Istanbul Airport to the city center is taking the rail or taking the city bus (Havas). Unfortunately there is no rail connection at the moment in Sabiha Gokcen airport or Istanbul Airport by 2020.

Istanbul Airport & Sabiha Gokcen Airport transfers in Istanbul

1.Making the cab Journey Longer ·Scam— This is a unbelievably typical knack dragged on tourist by cab drivers all over the world, and Istanbul is not any exclusion for the direct. As a tourist you don’t know the shortest way for your vacation location, so the cab driver can easily make a farther trip round the impede and spice up the account. In case the tourist does know the way, he’ll happen up simultaneously with the apologise that there is a large-scale traffic jam at the common path. ·Option — If you are certainly unfamiliar with all the roads and/or don’t talk Turkish, there’s regrettably much too little you are going to do to notify him what path to select. That’s why it would be better for you to own an overview of Istanbul taxi fares to the most preferred tourist destinations. You can start with standart fares from Istanbul Airport or Sabiha gokcen airport to downtown. This may give you a nice indication on when to start contendingalong with your taxi person driving and decrease the invoice he presents you.

2. Have No Change Scam —Let’s assume the equitable is from Istanbul Airport to downtown 46 TL so you hand him a 50 TL invoice. The person driving apparently examines a little all around in his cab. directly after a minute he arrives up with only 1 TL in change, asserting he ran out of coins. This way he endeavours to ‘earn’ an added THREE TL. ·Option — You might have two alternatives. If it’s only a couple of Turkish Liras, you may just permit it go. Or, just sit interior the automobile and interpret him to proceed exchange the note inside a shop. You’d be surprised how effortlessly they all of the rapid arrive up with the correct change.

airport transfers, ataturk airport, istanbul taxis, airport taxi3.A prepaired Price rather than of Using The cab Meter ·Scam — The person driving suggests to acquiesce with a ascribe to your excursion for your destination in place of making use of the cab meter. He’ll contend you’re much better off by doing this, simply because there’s a allotment of traffic, he’ll choose a short slash and you’ll pay considerably less. Why would he desire to be so kind for you? He isn’t! ·Possibility he has no desire to use the meter! If he doesn’t desire to use the meter, refuse the travel, get out and flag down another cab. The accurate identical goes in case he assertions half way the excursion the meter breaks down. Just make him halt next to a policeman automobile, and get out. He won’t argue with you. But most of the airport taxis in Istanbul airport or Sabiha Gokcen airport in Istanbul will not try such thing as they belong to a taxi association.

4.Night Versus Daytime ·Scam—The cab driver places the taxi meter on evening time (gece) throughout the day, or through the night. probably way, it’s not right due to the detail the evening time/daytime difference has become abolished! ·Item — Make certain the meter is usually set to daytime (gunduz). These sayings have to come at the meter display at frequent gaps. On the new, mirror integrated meters, the daytime cipher to gaze for is ’1?.

5.Unsafe Driving-This is just not a scam, but some Istanbul cab drivers imagine the town is one specific giant rush track. certain, they are rather killed drivers and want to assist as much clients interior a day as likely. If you ever start feeling unsafe, just notify the person driving yavas (yavash), which means as much as ‘slow down’. Just replicate the phrase until the person driving comes to a pace you are feeling snug with. If he doesn’t comply, just get out on the first likelihood you have. For far more comfortable and security transportation to your traveling destination in Istanbul, you can use a personal transportation.

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